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The Wandering Tortoise Beer Shop and Tap Room

Website Design for Beer Shop and Tap Room

This local beer shop and tap room had a very loyal following and was doing a great business through the use of social media, mostly Facebook, without having a website. However, after visiting their establishment, which I loved, I wanted to see what a website design for them would look like. The fact that they are extremely dog-friendly, they offer a wide variety of, and constantly rotating, beer selection, and provide fun food truck experiences are just some of the Unique Selling Points for this client. This is an informational site where the Call to Action is to provide information about the feel of the establishment and helping people find their location.

Maybe more than half of the visitors to this site will be using a mobile device, so like all of my websites, it was built to be responsive—meaning it will look good on any screen size, any device, any browser.

Unique Selling Points Highlighted for This Client


The bar owners have dogs. Their customers love bringing their dogs and write about that experience on Facebook. This sets them apart from their peers and adds another compelling reason to visit the establishment.

Food Trucks

The reason the Tortoise can have a dog-friendly establishment is that they don’t serve food, but in a way, they do. Instead of regular bar food, they have a rotating group of in-demand food trucks that park in the lot and dish out delicious meals. The variety and fluctuation of vendors adds another unique element to their bar.

Local IPAs

The Wandering Tortoise is always scouting new brews and breweries, many of those happen to be local. That they support and advocate for local companies gives them a stronger tie to their community.


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