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Phoenix Discount Van & SUV Rental

Website Design for Local Van and SUV Rental Agency

This is the sister site to the Phoenix Car Rental website. This client needed to have two sites, showcasing two separate product lines: Cars and Pickup Trucks as well as Vans and SUVs. The focus on both sites was to have the best photographic representations of the fleet as possible as well as graphics depicting the true luggage space dimensions. This site was also a collaboration of creatives such as photography and graphic illustration.

Maybe more than half of the visitors to this site will be using a mobile device, so like all of my websites, it was built to be responsive—meaning it will look good on any screen size, any device, any browser.

Unique Selling Points Highlighted for This Client

No Airport Fees

Because this company is not located at the Phoenix airport, they avoid having to charge customers the various fees associated with the airport rental facility.

Unlimited Mileage

Large passenger van rentals traditionally come with a limit on the number of miles that can be driven before incurring additional mileage fees. This company offers an unlimited mileage rate so that customers can focus on their trip and not the odometer.

Rentals to Mexico

Phoenix is just a few hours from Rocky Point, Mexico. Various groups enjoy making the trip and are often in need of a large passenger van or SUV to accommodate their passengers.


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