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Phoenix Car Rental

Website Design for Local Phoenix Car Rental Agency

This Phoenix-based car rental agency needed a site that accurately depicted their fleet as well as providing as much relevant information as possible to prospective renters. Because they do not offer internet booking and customers must call to get a quote and book a car, the most important Call to Action for this client was to “make the phone ring.” Further, they have some very Unique Selling Points that needed to be apparent without being overwhelming. The challenge with this site was to provide a very large amount of information in a way that was clear and easy to digest.

Maybe more than half of the visitors to this site will be using a mobile device, so like all of my websites, it was built to be responsive—meaning it will look good on any screen size, any device, any browser.

Unique Selling Points Highlighted for This Client

No Airport Fees

Renting a car at an “off airport” location allows customers to avoid paying fees associated with renting at the airport, which can add a significant amount to the cost of a rental vehicle. Making it clear that renting off airport is quick and easy was part of the challenge of this USP.

Using Cash and Debit Cards

This business was built on offering a way for people who do not have credit cards a way to rent a vehicle. However, the challenge of this USP was to also make it clear that they gladly accept all major credit cards as well.

They Don't Run Credit Checks

Many major car rental companies require their renters to have a certain credit score before they will rent them a car. This is not a factor when renting from this company.


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