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Maxwell Spadafore, PPC Specialist

Website Design for PPC Consulting Business

Max wanted a site to support his PPC (Pay Per Click) consulting business when he launches it. So for now, we set this up as an informational site about him and his work. We also provided a downloadable resume, should he want to use the site for job-hunting somewhere down the road (but note, he is currently very happy at

Maybe more than half of the visitors to this site will be using a mobile device, so like all of my websites, it was built to be responsive—meaning it will look good on any screen size, any device, any browser.

Unique Selling Points Highlighted for This Client

Uniquely Qualified

Max’s work is highly specialized. It was important to focus all of the attention of his site on his tremendous skill and knowledge of the Pay Per Click advertising environment.

Variety of Skills

I set up a graphic on this site so as to quickly delineate Max’s very specific skillset, making it easy for potential customers to see what he is able to do for them.

A Real Person

Using some personal photos and information about Max helped to create a more well-rounded picture for future clients.


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