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Designing compelling websites for individuals and small business owners

Websites Built to Convert

The process of building a website has as much to do with understanding the goals of the business as it does with HTML or graphic design. Your website should deliver clear messages, provide authentic, unique content, and encourage your visitors to engage with you.

I take the time to discover exactly what you want to take place when someone visits your site. Then, I encourage your visitors to do just that, whether that is purchasing your goods or services, clicking the button to call, or filling out your contact form.

If your website isn’t turning your visitors into your customers, call me.

My Work

Back when I needed someone to build my first website, I remember thinking, “just show me your work, and I’ll know if you are the right fit.”

Click the button to see the wonderful clients I’ve been honored to work with. While I strive to create visually appealing sites, the ultimate goal is to convert visitors to customers. These sites do just that.

Crafting Your Unique Content

I don’t just package pretty pictures with some content, throw in a few buttons and figure I’ve done my job.

As a small business owner, I recognize the need to help other business owners identify the following necessary elements before I can begin building a site for them.

Unique Selling Points

What product or service do you offer that sets you apart from your competitor? Perhaps you have the same product or service but your delivery method is unique? Something separates you. I help evaluate what that is.


Call to Action

Many business owners know they need a website but aren’t clear on what they should be asking of their visitor. Figuring out exactly what action is most beneficial to you is a process through which I guide my clients.


Brand Message

Many business owners are too close to their own product or service. Concepts they know like the back of their hand often need more explanation for their customer. With fresh eyes, I can coax the necessary details out and clearly articulate them for the visitor.

Proper Visual Representation

Stock photos do not avail themselves to telling your personal story. They can give general ideas, but your customer wants to know you. Instagram is wildly popular for exactly this reason. I believe in showcasing the most authentic version of a business as possible.

How did I get here?


Several years ago I was asked to help fix a Google AdWords account that was costing a client thousands and delivering diminishing results. During my intensive AdWords training, the importance of having a website that supports both the search results, and marketing dollars being spent to lure potential customers, became evident.

An ad placed on Google is a promise. You are quite simply promising your visitor that they will encounter the information for which they searched.

It is possible to spend millions of dollars with Google driving people to a website, but if the potential customer clicks on an ad and arrives at a site with little information, information that isn’t particularly helpful, stock photographs, broken links, old, irrelevant content, etc., those dollars are nothing more than a donation to Google’s favorite charity: Google.


It is paramount to create websites that deliver what the visitor is expecting. Provide relevant content, accurate descriptions, and photos, and make it clear how to navigate and arrive at their final destination—be that a shopping cart, a phone number, or a contact page.

Even for companies that rely on organic search results, ensuring a website delivers a User Experience that meets the needs of the visitor is paramount. Wasting ad dollars is horrible, but wasting potential is just as bad.

Every business knows that just getting the right people to their website is a challenge. Once they are there, that business has maybe less than 30 seconds to get the attention of the visitor and encourage them to find what they need and act accordingly.

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